Christ’s Ambassadors Foundation School


A major problem in Uganda is the abduction of children in order to sacrifice them to idols or to sell them as slaves in other countries. CAFS is dedicated to rescuing and protecting children from these atrocities by providing schooling and plans to build orphanages to house these children.

Christ’s Ambassadors Foundation School

The School was established to allow orphans and underprivileged children to receive a quality education so that they can grow up to be productive citizens wherever they go. There is currently one location in Zirobwe, with plans to open more schools around the country.

We offer free education towards these children, therefore any support towards these kids will be highly appreciated.

The school  building which We have built for more than 2 years, opened  this year on January  28/2013 and by the end of the First school term we had 51 kids, the second term we have 94 kids in school.


We are running from Nursery/ Kindergarten to primary 7,

We have 12 teachers and we also have  non- teaching staff