The Uganda Bible Believer’s Network/UBBN

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  1. The idea to birth the Uganda Bible Believers’ Network (UBBN) came about as a result of the founding members and subscribers to this document having sensed a missing link in the ministry and development of the body of Christ in Uganda. The members noted that though much effort in the past had been accorded to the mobilization of clergymen, not much effort had been put to the mobilization, organization and direction of the potentials of all Bible believers and thereafter gear the potentials towards the development of the church and status of the individual stakeholders.Uganda

  • Bible Believers’ Network (UBBN) seeks to come up as an umbrella organization under which individual believers, churches, Christian institutions and Para-church organizations can come together to combine their resources and strengths in a bid to enhance holistic development at all levels.

Uganda Bible Believers’ Network (UBBN) hopes to work towards the strengthening of the spirituality of its members, alleviate poverty, improve their economic base, promote unity as well as engage in all aspects that will promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the expansion of its kingdom on earth.


Ultimately, Uganda Bible Believers’ Network (UBBN) sees itself becoming a national representative voice for its members before the authorities that be as well as become a live conduit through which its members can garner support to assist their day-to-day programs, and also act as a referral platform for those who may be seeking authentic partners with integrity in Uganda.



Uganda Bible Believers’ Network (UBBN) is a Christian organization primarily rooted in the Bible as God’s holy word to man and strongly believes in the salvation of man and his holistic development so that he may become God’s able representative on earth.